Export declaration


Accept the entrustment of export goods consignees and consignees (manufacturing enterprises, import and export traders, goods agency enterprises, foreign consignee units) to go through export declaration, cooperation inspection, and goods release procedures with the customs.

Export declaration

Service Introduction

Service Introduction:

[**]ccept the consignees and consignees of export goods (manufacturers, import and export traders, goods agency companies, foreign consignee units)

 Entrusted to go through export declaration, cooperation inspection, and cargo release formalities with the customs


Service area:

[**]ccording to the mode of transportation: sea export declaration, air export declaration, express export declaration, land export declaration

By trade method: general trade export declaration, contract manual export declaration, paying export agent, etc.


service advantage:

More than 15 years of customs declaration experience, mature export declaration team

One-to-one real-time follow-up of goods

One-to-one review of customs declaration materials and timely correction of errors

4 hours to complete customs declaration, 8 hours to complete inspection

There are service outlets in all major ports across the country, and the service covers the whole country


Service Process:

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Service Features:

Dangerous goods export declaration

[**]T[**] temporary export declaration

Dangerous Goods Export Supervision

Temporary export declaration


common problem:

Q1: We don't have import and export rights, how can we export customs declaration and collect foreign exchange?

[**]1:Our company has import and export rights and can act as an agent for export and foreign exchange collection, and we can export and collect foreign exchange on behalf of our company.

Q2:Closing of the ship schedule is relatively urgent. If there is an inspection, how to arrange and deal with it?

[**]2:If the sailing schedule is urgent, please explain to our company in advance, our company can arrange for someone to expedite the inspection

Q3:How to apply for a paperless contract?

[**]3:  ①The business unit logs in to the electronic port with a legal person card. ②Go to the signing page to find the tripartite agreement. ③Select a customs to sign and send the electronic information to the customs. [**]fter the agreement is signed, the enterprise can enter the "Tripartite [**]greement Inquiry" to check The status of the agreement, "Customs warehousing successful" status, can be reviewed by the customs. The final status is "Contracted Customs [**]pproval"

Export declarationAdvantage
Export declarationAdvantage

PengHai escorts you through customs

China Baiyou Customs Broker

Customs Class AA Customs Declaration Enterprise

China's first batch of pre-classified companies

Vice President Unit of China Customs Brokers Association

Member Unit of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association

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