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The import of second-hand machinery and equipment is relatively difficult and complicated. The entire import process involves the classification of customs codes, pre-shipment inspection and quarantine, price review, certification-related supervision, identification of new and old levels, commodity inspection and transfer, etc., and even the rectification of some non-standard equipment, oversized machinery and equipment For the shipment, this series of operations are interlocking and there can be no errors, so importing old machinery and equipment requires an absolutely professional import team to complete the entire operation process. How to simplify the import declaration process of second-hand equipment and speed up the customs clearance of machinery is a problem that Penghai Machinery Import Group has been studying and practicing. Since 2005, we have acted as an agent for factories, equipment traders and machinery sellers (countries and regions mainly in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, and the Czech Republic) to import various types of machinery and equipment from abroad, and have operated various types of new and used equipment. Cases such as instruments. Our company's used machinery import service items: Hong Kong China Inspection (ie, pre-shipment inspection and quarantine), completion of "Pre-shipment Inspection and Quarantine Certificate" filing and renewal in cooperation with commodity inspection, application for automatic import license (O certificate), and 3C certificate for old equipment Application, pre-classification and valuation of customs commodity codes, entry clearance procedures, commodity inspection and transfer, etc.

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二手设备清关所需资料 Information required for customs clearance of second-hand equipment

1. Product information: name, specification model, quantity, place of production, date of manufacture, use

                             Amount, degree of newness and oldness, description of working principle, place of use,

                             Four photos (nameplate, complete machine, front, side), etc.

2. Packing list

3. Proforma invoice/Invoice

4. Contract

5. Bill of Lading/Bill Of Lading

6. Pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate (issued after completion of inspection)

7. 3C certification (product tax number is required for national compulsory certification)

8. Commodity inspection clearance form

9. Automatic import license (O certificate) (some products need to be provided)

10. Printing license (printing machine needs to be provided)

How to define old machinery and equipment, the equipment that has not been used but has been stored for a long time is considered new or old?

1. Electromechanical products that have been used and still have basic functions and certain use value;

2. Mechanical and electrical products that have not been used but have been stored for too long and have exceeded the quality guarantee period;

3. Mechanical and electrical products that have not been used but have been stored for too long, and the parts have obvious tangible loss;

4. Electromechanical products with mixed new and old components;

5. Large second-hand complete sets of equipment.

How to calculate the tariff on imported second-hand equipment?

1. [**]n important part of second-hand used equipment is the customs price review. The customs code of the equipment must be confirmed first, and the tax rate shall be confirmed according to the code.

2. The taxable price needs to be reviewed by the customs system, and the consignee can provide a valid price certificate to negotiate the final price with the customs

3. The second-hand equipment declared by the customs also needs to declare the degree of newness and oldness. The customs will convert the price according to the degree of newness and oldness. If the oldness of the equipment cannot be confirmed or there are objections, our company can handle the inspection report of the degree of newness and oldness on behalf of us.

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