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The import of dangerous chemicals

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1. What qualifications does an enterprise importing chemical products need? 2. Can the supervision of imports of chemical products that are not dangerous goods be based on general cargo? 3. What documents need to be processed before the import of dangerous goods?

4. What issues should be paid attention to when importing dangerous goods? 5. What chemical products need coating filing form? 6. Whether there is no sample to handle the classification and identification report of hazardous characteristics can be imported, etc.

The above are some of the issues that a lot of import companies are concerned about. The following will answer the questions about the import of dangerous chemical products one by one.

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Penghai established a chemical product import team in 2009, specializing in solving the import problem of imported chemical products for domestic enterprises. Undertake all kinds of dangerous goods import customs clearance, import agency, transportation and other services in major ports across the country. Many companies are worried about chemicals before importing chemicals for the first time, because if they make mistakes, they may incur a lot of unnecessary costs. Therefore, it is very important to confirm every detail before importing. Since the establishment of our chemical import team, 3000 cases + import of chemical products to solve problems and solve problems, with rich experience.

Taking the three types of dangerous goods (flammable liquids) as an example, what do we need to confirm in advance when importing such products?

1. What are the requirements for importing companies when importing three categories of dangerous goods?

First of all, import companies need to have the scope of business of dangerous goods and chemicals, warehouses storing dangerous goods need to have qualifications related to dangerous goods, and other companies have import and export rights

2. What documents do I need to prepare for importing the third category of dangerous goods?

For dangerous goods, it is generally necessary to apply for the classification and identification report of hazardous characteristics in advance. This report requires a sample of about 150ml. If the sample is not available, the report can be applied for postponed to be supplemented to the customs. In addition to the classification and identification report of hazardous characteristics, Chinese and the original MSDS and Chinese warning labels (must be affixed before importing to avoid the cost of rectification in Hong Kong) are required. Our company can handle the classification and identification reports of hazardous characteristics and design Chinese warning labels.

3. How to confirm whether the product needs to apply for the coating record form?

Generally, it can be confirmed according to the HScode of the customs. The coatings, paints, varnishes and other products with codes starting with 3208, 3209, 3210 need to apply for the coating record form, and it is also recommended to provide samples before arriving in Hong Kong.

4. Should the Chinese warning label be affixed for every small package or for large packages?

Chinese warning labels need to be affixed on each package, small package and outer box packaging

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5. Can Category 3 dangerous goods be sent to any port in China?

No, not all ports and terminals have the qualifications for the storage of the three types of dangerous goods. Before importing, provide the final receiving place in the country. Our company can provide the import port plan. Generally, Guangdong imports dangerous goods mainly from Guangzhou Huangpu Port

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6. Is the un identification number required on the packaging of the third category of dangerous goods, and is the un-drum required?

Generally, UN drums are required. If there is no un identification number, confirm whether it is a limited quantity package. Some packages without un identification number can be imported, and it needs to be judged according to different UN numbers.

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7. Does the import of the third category of dangerous goods need to be transferred to the final receiving place for inspection?

Generally, the import of dangerous goods needs to be transferred and checked, and some ports can be checked, but there is no need to transfer from the final receiving place.

8. Does the paint of the third category of dangerous goods need to pay consumption tax if the code is 3208?

Whether there is a consumption tax, it is distinguished by VOC content. Products with VOC greater than 420g/L 3208 and 3209 generally need to pay 4% consumption tax

The above are the most common issues that import companies are most concerned about when importing the three types of dangerous goods.

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