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The process of importing dangerous chemicals from Hong Kong to the mainland and the matters needing attention in customs declaration

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1. The process of importing dangerous chemicals from Hong Kong to the mainland

Choice of transportation channels:

1. Shipping (by sea to mainland ports)

2. Land transportation (imported from China-Hong Kong land transportation port)

The following factors need to be considered when choosing transportation channels

1. Final delivery destination: If it is Shenzhen or its surrounding areas, of course, the first choice is land transportation. If it is in Shanghai, Tianjin and other areas, it is recommended to choose seaborne import;

2. Whether the terminal has the qualification of dangerous goods: If you consider sea import, you need to consider whether the terminal can receive dangerous goods while choosing the terminal closest to the final delivery destination;

3. Quantity of cargo: Most terminals do not accept dangerous goods in bulk. For example, Guangzhou Huangpu Port can only accept dangerous goods in the whole container, so when the cargo volume is relatively small, it is necessary to consider whether the freight of the whole container is cost-effective;

4. Dangerous goods category: Dangerous goods are divided into categories 1-9. For example, Huangpu Port can accept dangerous goods of categories 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9, but category 127 of dangerous goods cannot be imported from this terminal.

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5. Whether the classification and identification report of hazardous characteristics has been processed/whether the coating record has been applied for the coating category

6. Whether the label pre-examination is done before land transport import: If you are considering land transport import, you need to do a label pre-examination at Shenzhen Customs first, and the pre-examination can be imported. The pre-examination usually takes about 30 days.

7. Whether the packaging of the goods conforms to the packaging of dangerous goods, such as: whether there is an UN identification number, whether there is a Chinese warning label, if the goods are not special packaging for dangerous goods with a UN identification number, they are irregular packaging and are not allowed to be imported

8. Transfer from the factory for inspection: Land transport imports need to be transferred to the customs at the place of final use, and warehouses under the customs to inspect the goods. Generally, an appointment is required for 3-7 working days. , Some terminals need to do external inspection for some products

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2. Matters needing attention when importing dangerous chemicals from Hong Kong

1. The packaging must meet the requirements of dangerous goods

2. Make a pre-review of the label and affix Chinese warning labels in advance

3. Prepare in advance the relevant materials such as the classification and identification report of hazardous characteristics, the coating record book, etc.

4. In the first medium, the issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing sea and land transportation

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