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6.8 tons of imported durian snowy mooncakes are here (picture) (reproduced on the official website of the General Administration of Customs)

Article editor: PengHai International Reading:205 Time:2020-10-27

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Pictured: Xingang Customs quickly inspects and releases snowy mooncakes by Pu Xuan/photo

On the eve of "Double Festival", 949 boxes of durian snowy mooncakes from Malaysia totaling 6.8 tons were released after inspection by Xingang Customs, affiliated to Huangpu Customs, and they will soon be put on the domestic market.

"In recent years, the production of mooncakes in many foreign countries and regions has gradually become large-scale, and products with exotic characteristics and sometimes atmosphere, such as durian snowy mooncakes, are widely favored by domestic consumers." Ding Peiwen, manager of Guangzhou) Food Trading Co., Ltd. said.

As a seasonal food, mooncakes have strong timeliness and a short sales period. Snowy mooncakes have a shorter shelf life. To ensure that these mooncakes can safely and quickly reach consumers’ tables, Huangpu Newport Customs has formulated a plan in advance after learning about the mooncake import plan. Customs clearance supervision process, pre-qualification review and access management work, business backbones provide labeling consultation and technical guidance for import companies. After the mooncakes arrived at the pier, Xingang Customs immediately arranged a special person to conduct an expedited external inspection. After passing the inspection, the batch of moon cakes was released smoothly, and the entire customs clearance process took less than 4 hours.

According to Chen Gong, Chief of the Inspection Section of Huangpu Newport Customs, the customs will further optimize its supervision services. On the basis of ensuring food safety, it will open a green channel for food with strong timeliness and short shelf life, strengthen access management, and ensure the safety and efficiency of imported food. Clearance.

The customs reminds consumers that some varieties of moon cakes contain meat, eggs and other ingredients, and there is a risk of spreading quarantine diseases. my country prohibits the entry and mailing of moon cakes containing meat, eggs and other ingredients. Many countries and regions also import moon cakes. There are some restrictions on the environment. If you need to mail moon cakes to relatives and friends abroad, you should fully understand the destination quarantine regulations and requirements to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss. (Pu Xuan/Text)

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