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Total ban on the import of waste plastics Jiangxi issued the most stringent "plastic limit order"

Article editor: PengHai International Reading:212 Time:2020-10-27

Intensified supervision and anti-smuggling of “foreign garbage” imports, and a total ban on the import of waste plastics. Jiangxi issued a “plastic restriction order” to clearly implement plastic pollution control by time period, step by step, by field, and by region.

News from Jiangxi Internet Radio and Television (Reporter Liangbao Intern Pan Xinyuan) Intensified supervision and anti-smuggling of "foreign garbage" imports, and a total ban on the import of waste plastics... Jiangxi has issued a "plastic restriction order", which clearly divides time, steps and points Carry out plastic pollution control in different fields and sub-regions.

A few days ago, Jiangxi issued the "Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" (referred to as the "Implementation Plan"), clarifying that by the end of 2020, the production, sales and use of certain plastic products will be banned and restricted in some areas and areas; by 2022, it will be replaced. Products and degradable disposable plastic products have been promoted and used; by 2025, a multi-element co-treatment system for plastic pollution will be basically formed, and plastic pollution will be effectively controlled.

In recent years, with the rapid development of new business formats such as e-commerce, express delivery, and takeaway, in 2019 alone, the amount of waste packaging in the province reached approximately 850,000 tons. The adverse effects of new plastic pollution on the soil and water environment have gradually become prominent.

In order to strengthen the control of plastic pollution, the "Implementation Plan" pointed out that the production, sales and use of plastic products in the catalogue are prohibited and restricted, and the supervision and anti-smuggling of the import of "foreign garbage" should be strengthened to ensure that "the import of waste plastics is completely banned." Put it in place. At the same time, promote the "ban on plastic" and "limit on plastic" actions by field and industry, increase the classification and recycling of plastic waste, and promote the resource utilization of plastic waste.

In addition, the "Implementation Plan" clarifies that the promotion and application of alternative products and the cultivation and optimization of new business models and new models will increase support for the research and development and application of recyclable, easily recyclable, and degradable alternative materials, and improve green management standards and preferential tax policies. And other physical building. Investigate and deal with cases involving plastic environmental pollution and ecological damage in accordance with the law.

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