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Import customs clearance of super large charcoal roasted cashew nuts in Vietnam, and import of dried cashew nuts

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:200 release time:2020-11-03

Vietnam's super large charcoal roasted cashew nuts, cashew nuts, as a kind of food that is beneficial to the body, are not only convenient to eat, but also have an excellent taste. Cashews are rich in nutritional value. Cashews contain higher calories. The main source of calories is fat, followed by carbohydrates and protein. Cashew nuts contain twice as much protein as ordinary cereal crops, and the types of amino acids they contain are complementary to those in cereals.

What materials need to be prepared before importing cashew nuts

First, it is necessary to confirm whether the importing company has food business qualifications and import and export rights

Second, the consignee and consignor record

Third, the Chinese label design meets national standards

Fourth, other import declaration materials: phytosanitary certificate, sanitary certificate, certificate of origin, packing list, invoice contract, etc.

What are the cost components of importing Vietnamese cashew nuts

Ex-factory price of goods + transportation fee from Vietnam to China + Chinese import tariff + port of destination customs clearance fees + domestic transportation cost

The tax rate for imported charcoal roasted cashew nuts in China: 2008199990 (tariff 5%, value-added tax 13%)

Vietnam imports to China and provides Form E certificate of origin can enjoy 0 tariff preference

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Value-added services:

Food import agency, pre-review of Chinese label design, import customs clearance agency, procurement agency

Question extension: Is it necessary to provide a phytosanitary certificate for charcoal roasted cashew nuts?

Charcoal-roasted cashew nuts are generally roasted with salt and are deep-processed foods. Phytosanitary certificate and sanitary certificate are not required. You can choose one of the two

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