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Whether the imported chemicals are not dangerous goods need to be declared in accordance with the supervision of dangerous chemicals

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the answer is negative! But it does not rule out that when the product information and materials provided at the time of importation are not confirmed whether the product is dangerous or not, the customs has the right to conduct sampling inspections. Penghai recommends: If the product code is in the dangerous goods catalog, apply for the non-dangerous goods certificate in advance to avoid slow customs clearance.

Non-dangerous chemicals generally include the following: water-based latex paint, lubricating oil, grease, etc.

Many companies import chemical products in small quantities for the first time, but if the import link must apply for a hazard level appraisal report or a non-hazardous appraisal report, the extra cost will be higher. So I think about controlling the cost in each link. If the imported chemicals are non-dangerous goods, the imported transportation is generally based on ordinary goods, and foreign manufacturers generally have non-hazardous certification reports for their products. However, in the import process, many companies are not sure whether to supervise in accordance with dangerous goods.

First of all, confirm the customs code of the product according to the composition and product name of the product, or obtain the customs code of the product through a foreign manufacturer as a reference for import declaration. If the product is in the catalog or definition of dangerous goods (such as the attachment), then For long-term imported products, it is recommended to apply for non-dangerous goods identification reports in advance. If it is only the pre-imported samples, you can choose to do the non-hazardous appraisal report first, but it is best to provide the Chinese version of the MSDS, or other non-hazardous certificates can be provided in China. In addition, if the product is transported by land from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, it is still necessary to apply for a non-dangerous report in advance and submit it to the customs for pre-review.

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