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Customs clearance agent case for import of hazardous chemicals-high solid epoxy primer

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:268 release time:2020-12-08

High-solid epoxy primer is a large category of environmentally friendly coatings, mainly used on steel surfaces, with good corrosion resistance and adhesion.

The product imported this time is a coating primer used on the surface of the aircraft, and the place of origin is Italy.


The main components of the product are titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, 2-butanone, xylene, epoxy resin, etc.

The HS code of the customs code is: 3208909010 dispersed or dissolved in other paint and varnish solutions in non-aqueous media. The VOC content in the construction state is greater than 420g/L, and the VOC content of the product is 498g/L, which is higher than 420g/L. So Determine this code.


1. Import port: Guangzhou Huangpu Wharf

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2. Import tax rate: customs duty 10%, value-added tax 14%, consumption tax 4%

Products under 3208 and 3209 with VOC content greater than 420g/L generally need to pay 4% consumption tax, and less than 420 are not required.

3. What preparations need to be made before importing high solid epoxy primer

1.1. It is recommended to apply for the paint filing and hazardous characteristics classification and identification report before importing, and apply in advance to improve the timeliness of customs clearanceNeed to provide samples

1.2.This product belongs to category 3 dangerous goods. According to the requirements of the national standard GB 13690-2009, a Chinese formula label that meets the standard needs to be affixed. The content of the label must contain: UN number, ingredient percentage, hazard symbol, preventive measures, accident response, safe storage, and disposal , Corporate information, emergency calls, etc. Our company can design labels as an agent. Each package needs to be affixed with a Chinese formula label.



3. Signing the contract-payment of foreign exchange-booking

4. the documents that need to be prepared for imported high-solid epoxy primer are as follows

4.1. MSDS in Chinese and English

4.2. Chinese public. Tags

4.3. Packing List

4.4. Invoice

4.5. contract

4.6. BL

4.7. Coating record book

4.8. Classification and identification of hazardous characteristics

5. How long does it take to clear customs for these three categories of dangerous goods?

Generally, the cargo can be picked up within 3 days for customs clearance at the terminal. However, if the coating record book and the hazardous characteristics report are sampled after the arrival of the goods, they need to wait until the original report is issued before the final release can be used. It is recommended to complete all the procedures that need to be prepared in advance before importing, and customs clearance can also be completed within 2 days

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