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Automobile spray paint import agency case, Nansha Port three types of dangerous goods customs clearance

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:266 release time:2020-12-23

Hazardous chemical import customs clearance agent case-car painting


Car painting generally refers to applying a layer of paint to the surface of the car to protect the car. Of course, the actual spraying of more than one layer of paint, including primer, middle paint, base paint, solid color paint, natural color top paint, clear paint, etc. Car spray paint includes ordinary paint, pearl paint, metallic paint and so on. There are generally four basic components of automotive paint: film-forming substances (resins), pigments (including extender pigments), additives and solvents. Generally, imported car paint is used for relatively high-end cars. Naturally, the quality requirements will be higher and the price will be relatively high. The domestic market has a relatively large demand for car paint. The importing countries mainly include the following: Japan, The United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, etc. Common brands: PPG, DuPont, Nippon, Kansai, etc.


The customs code of car painting is generally classified into the 3208 category

The imported products include automotive varnishes and hardeners, both of which belong to category 3 dangerous goods

Product category: isocyanate


Code is included in 3208909090 dispersed or dissolved in non-aqueous medium, other paint and varnish solutions

The tariff is 10% and the value-added tax is 13%. The product with the same product but with a VOC greater than 420g/L needs to be classified as 3208909010. The tariff is 10%, the value-added tax is 13%, and the consumption tax is 4%.

What issues should be paid attention to in the import process of automobile painting?

First, the documentation problem

According to the code 3208, it can be confirmed that the import of the product needs to apply for the coating record form. It is recommended to provide 500ml samples in advance for processing. Generally, the time limit is 15 working days, so it is recommended to complete before arrival. In addition to the record form, classification and identification of hazardous characteristics are also required. The report also recommends handling in advance to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

Of course there are other documents that must be provided: packing list, invoice, contract

Second, the Chinese publicity label must be affixed before shipment, because dangerous goods arriving in Hong Kong will be inspected. If the Chinese label is not affixed, it will need to be rectified and released, which will increase unnecessary costs. In addition, the content of the Chinese label is also very important and must be designed in accordance with the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB15258-2009 "Provisions for the Preparation of Chemical Safety Labels". If the content is wrong, it must be rectified before it can be released. Penghai Chemicals Group can design Chinese formula labels on behalf of them, and contact them by private message.


Third, the dangerous goods packaging must be dangerous goods packaging that meets the packaging requirements of the product. Generally, the packaging has an UN identification number. If you find that the product does not have an UN identification number when buying from a foreign manufacturer, you need to pay attention to whether the manufacturer is formal. Products that do not meet the requirements of chemical packaging are not found in foreign exports, and are only found out at the port of destination. The problem is more serious.


Other information about the imported car paint:

1. Import port: Nansha Port

2. Import volume: 20GP*3

3. the process of importing automotive paint

Sign the contract---Pay foreign exchange---Import by sea (at the same time provide samples to our company to handle the report and filing form)----25 days for the original report---33 days for the port---customs declaration and inspection--- Inspection and release-transportation of dangerous goods in trailers-storage of dangerous goods


How long does it take to clear customs for these three types of dangerous goods?

Starting from overseas shipment, 33 days by sea (with relevant documents handled during the period) + 2 days for customs clearance + 1 day for delivery, a total of only 36 days

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