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Penghai is a company that integrates international transportation, customs declaration and inspection, import agency, information technology and financing, cross-regional, networked, informatized, intelligent, and has supply chain management capabilities. The company's service scope involves service outlets in major ports across the country, and currently has offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Shantou and other coastal ports.

The main imported products are "chemical products (dangerous goods and general chemicals), food products (including pre-packaged food, red wine, wine, frozen meat, fruits, dairy products, etc.), new and used machinery, cosmetics, log boards, Consumer goods, etc.".

The predecessor Penghai International Freight Forwarding Company was established in 2002. [**]fter nearly 20 years of down-to-earth development, it has gradually developed into a three-dimensional and comprehensive service that includes international transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and transportation, trade agency, supply chain finance and comprehensive corporate services. Supply chain service company.

Relying on the market accumulation and information accumulation in the import logistics industry in the past 20 years, Penghai has, since 2011, combined with changes in service demand under the new economic form, innovated service concepts, and created a new import agency model of "logistics + finance + Internet" , To provide enterprises with packaged one-stop supply chain services. The company has a first-class management team, and board members with rich qualifications have customs work experience, and are familiar with customs regulations, policies, and business procedures, as well as rich customs clearance experience.

Stand at the starting point of the new era and assume the responsibilities entrusted by history. It is our goal to provide enterprises with efficient and convenient customs clearance services to reduce their customs clearance costs, and to use professional supply chain services to enhance the competitive advantages of Chinese enterprises in the international industrial division of labor.

AA type customs declaration enterprise
Provide global customers

Provide global customers

International transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and transportation, trade agency, supply chain finance and enterprise integrated services and other three-dimensional all-round services.

—— China Baiyou Customs Broker

—— Customs Class AA Customs Declaration Enterprise

—— China's first batch of pre-classified companies

—— Vice President Unit of China Customs Brokers Association

—— Member Unit of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association

Service advantages

One-to-one service
One-to-one import service, real-time knowing the progress of the goods
One-stop service
One-stop import service, global door-to-door import
Years of experience
Nearly 20 years of import experience, saving you time, worry and money
Dongguan Penghai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
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Tel : 4000-988-696
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