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Import of anti-wrinkle massage cream from Switzerland, customs clearance of cosmetics in Shanghai Port

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:226 release time:2020-11-03

product information:

Product Name: Anti-wrinkle massage cream

Country of origin: Switzerland

Import port: Shanghai

Quantity: 1*20GP

Penghai service: cosmetics registration certificate processing, cosmetics import agency, sea import transportation agency, cosmetics consignee filing

, Document review, import customs declaration and inspection services


1. What information is needed for imported anti-wrinkle massage cream

1.1. Packing list, invoice, contract

1.2. Certificate of Origin

1.3. Filing certificate for imported non-special use cosmetics (problem extension:How to distinguish whether the cosmetics are the registration certificate for imported non-special use cosmetics or the sanitary license approval for imported special cosmetics

1.4. Composition report

1.5. Filing of the consignee of imported cosmetics

1.6.Other product related information

图片 1

Non-special cosmetics registration certificate

2.the process and precautions of imported anti-wrinkle massage cream

2.1. First of all, before importing, you need to confirm the documents required for the import of the product, whether it is a non-special or special cosmetic, Penghai can solve your doubts for free

2.2. There is no problem with the confirmation of the documents, and the import transportation shall be arranged

2.3. Customs declaration and inspection after arrival

2.4. Inspection and release

2.5. Issuing a health certificate

2.6, put on the shelf for sale

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