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Penghai wine import customs clearance-fine logistics, one-stop service, door-to-door service. Imported red wine is mainly pre-sold packaged bottled 750ml red wine, and some imported bulk red wines are delivered to the domestic sub-package. The importing countries are mainly France, [**]ustralia, South [**]frica, Chile, Spain, Canada, the United States and Georgia, etc. The red wine is a fast-moving consumer product. The demand for imported red wine is increasing every year. In 2010, our company establishe…

Red wine import
Products and services
One-stop import service, global door-to-door import
Cooperation Process
One-to-one import service
红酒清关所需资料 Information required for red wine customs clearance

1、  Packing list

2、  Invoice

3、  Contract

4、 Bill Of Lading

5、  Healthy Certicate

6、  Analysis Report

7、  Certificate Of Origin/Free Sale For Exportation

8、  Table

9、  Pallets IPPC

10、Packing IPPC

11、Boltting Date   

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