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French Bordeaux Lafon Winery Wine Shanghai Port Clearance

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:208 release time:2020-11-03

France is one of the countries with the longest history of wine production in the world. Not only does it have a large area of grape plantations, large wine production and consumption, but also the quality of wine is recognized as the first in the world. French wine is recognized by most people because France

The following six factors have the favorable conditions: grape variety, climate, soil, humidity, vineyard management and winemaking technology. The Appellation of Origin Supervised Wine (AOC) is the best of French wines. The government has strict regulations to control the production of this type of wine. These regulations involve

And the production, grape varieties, minimum alcohol content, maximum yield per unit area, viticulture methods, brewing methods, and sometimes even storage and aging conditions, etc., "Origin name supervised wine" only meets the specific standards of the wine. Qualifications are called "place name supervision", otherwise they have no right to use "place name supervision".


The above is some knowledge about French wine, the editor below shares the import case of French AOC grade wine operated by our company:

  Cargo information: 1*40HQ constant temperature cabinet

  Winery: Lafon Winery, France

  Level: French AOC level

  Varieties: 7 varieties

  Shipping port: FOS-SUR-MER

  Arrival port: Shanghai Yangshan Port

  Service content: consignee and consignor filing, label translation design, label filing, import declaration and inspection, commodity inspection sampling, and obtaining health certificate


Information provided by the customer before the goods arrive at the port: (The customer imports for the first time, before the goods arrive at the port, our imported food department professionals contact the customer to determine the information, so as not to affect the customs clearance time)

  1. Packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading

  2. Certificate of Origin


图片 30图片 31

   3. Health certificate

  4. Composition analysis report

  5. Original foreign language label

  6. Proof of wooden pallets and wooden packaging 

图片 32图片 33

图片 34

What is the tax rate for French wine imports?

The customs code of 750ml red wine is:

22042100000 wine made from fresh grapes in small packages

Customs duty 14%, value-added tax 13%, consumption tax 10%

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