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The case of import declaration and inspection of Georgian red wine Kovareli Carani

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:264 release time:2020-11-03

Georgian wine is the birthplace of global wine and has the oldest grape varieties. Due to the benefits of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in recent years, Georgia and China have signed a free trade agreement. More than 99% of Georgia’s products are imported into China at zero tariffs. Of course, from January 1, 2018 to the present, according to statistics, Georgia’s exports to China Wine accounts for more than 85% of its products. From the data, it can be known that Georgian wine is still loved by the Chinese. It is believed that within 5 years, Georgia must be among the top three countries importing wine from China.

1. The following is the wine information imported by our company

1. Brand: Kovareli Carani

2. Variety: 4

3. Type: dry wine, semi-dry wine, semi-sweet wine

4. Winery: PONTIKA

5. Transportation route: Poti-Guangzhou

6. Wine product pictures


2. The service provided by our company for this import

1. The company has full authority to act as an import agent, including signing a contract with the winery, paying foreign exchange, and shipping by sea

2. Label translation design, label review and filing

3. The consignee and consignor record

4. Customs declaration and inspection

5. Sampling test and issue of health certificate



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Customs declaration and entry inspection and quarantine certificate


4. What is the tax rate for red wine imports?

The customs code of 750ml red wine is:

22042100000 wine made from fresh grapes in small packages

Customs duty 14%, value-added tax 13%, consumption tax 10%

The tariff for Georgian wine imported into China is 0%, the value-added tax is 13%, and the consumption tax is 10%.

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