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Penghai timber import customs clearance-fine logistics, one-stop service, door-to-door service. Wood products include logs, wood planks, endangered and non-endangered wood species, rosewood, elm, willow, red pine, white pine, etc. Our company has a wealth of experience in the process of importing timber products, and is proficient in the supervision of timber at major ports. In recent years, the customs supervision of timber has become more and more stringent, with higher and higher declaration requiremen…

Timber imports
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木材进口清关所需资料 Information required for timber import customs clearance

1. CO

2. Packing list

3. Invoice

4. Contract

5. Bill Of Lading

6. Endangered certificate (provided by endangered species)

7. Phytosanitary certificate (note that the Latin name of the wood must be correct)

8. Fumigation certificate (fumigation certificate must be required for logs, and wood planks are required by different ports)

9. Yard list (specify the length, diameter and volume of each wood in the container)

What is the tax rate for timber imports?

There is no tariff on imported timber, only value-added tax is required. The import value-added tax for logs is 9%, and the import value-added tax for timber is 13%.

Precautions for timber import

1. Fumigation needs to be done in foreign countries to avoid unnecessary costs due to the need for secondary fumigation to detect pests and diseases at domestic ports

2. Make the packing list and make the code list, in which the weight, square number and number of roots and other data can not be wrong

3. West [**]frican and South [**]merican countries’ certificates of origin and phytosanitary certificates are mostly handwritten, please do not alter

4. Be sure to check and confirm the Latin name and price of the wood before importing.

5. If you need to apply for a certificate, you must follow the progress, and handle it in time after delivery to avoid delays in arrival at the port and increase the cost of customs declaration.

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