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South American rosewood imported from Paraguay to Jiangmen Xinhui case

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:226 release time:2020-11-03

1. Product Information

Goods name: South American rosewood

Type: Log

Quantity: 10*20GP

Country of origin: Paraguay

Import port: Dongguan Shatian Port


Chinese name: South American rosewood Latin name: parinari campestris Kingdom: Plant Kingdom: Angiosperm 

Class: Dicotyledon Class Subclass: Primitive Perianth Subclass Order: Rosales Suborder: Rosales 

Family: Rosaceae Genus: Gingerbread Tree Species: South American rosewood

Distribution: Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil. The air-dry density is more than 1.036g/cm3

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2. What is the tax rate for Paraguay South American rosewood logs imported to China?

Customs duty 0%, value-added tax 9%

3. What information needs to be provided when importing Paraguay South American rosewood to China

Certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, fumigation certificate, packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading

Fourth, Paraguay South American rosewood import experience

First of all, the purchase price of the consignee in Paraguay is low, but the customs price for the product is expected to be about 650 US dollars per square meter. The import price of timber is relatively transparent. If it is too much lower than the average price of the customs system, The customs will check the price and whether it involves tax evasion. Therefore, a certain understanding of the declared price of wood is necessary to avoid unnecessary costs.

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