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What preparations need to be made to import second-hand used machinery and equipment to successfully clear customs?

Article editor: PengHai International Reading:143 Time:2020-10-27

When it comes to second-hand used machinery, most importers find it very troublesome. Indeed, the process is relatively cumbersome, because the customs focus on the old equipment, but as long as each link of the import is clarified, smooth customs clearance is not a big problem.

1. The first step is to confirm the customs code Hs code of the equipment. After the code is confirmed, first we can confirm the supervision conditions of the product, the documents that need to be processed, and the second can confirm the import tariff and value-added tax rate of the product.

2. After the customs code is confirmed, the documents and materials that need to be prepared before import are prepared in advance. Penghai can provide review and information services for free. Generally, it is necessary to provide information such as the nameplate, brand model, manufacturer, year of manufacture, and degree of oldness of the equipment.

3. Hong Kong Intermediate Inspection Link

After confirming that there is no problem with other materials, the goods are generally recommended to be sent to Hong Kong for intermediate inspection and pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate. Some second-hand instruments that do not need to be processed can apply for the inspection exemption service. The intermediate inspection link is mainly warehouse storage, intermediate inspection and next warehouse inspection, and the certificate can be issued if there is no problem.

4. Customs declaration, inspection and price review

 Price review is an assessment of the value of second-hand equipment. The customs system has data on imported goods at major ports across the country. During the price review stage, the customs will determine the price of the equipment based on the data before customs clearance. The general price factors are brand, model, and year of manufacture. , The degree of old and new, and the way of trade is determined. Of course, Penghai recommends that importers try to provide as many original price invoices of equipment as possible, which is very helpful for price review and saves time for price review.

5. After the result of price review and negotiation, the tax will be paid and the inspection will be released. In addition, it must be transferred to the local customs of the place of use and the product will be re-inspected. Generally, the product will be released directly without any problems.

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