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Philippine Banana Chips Guangzhou Huangpu Port Import Customs Clearance Case

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:332 release time:2020-11-03

Cargo information: 1*20GP

  Place of Origin: Philippines

  Variety: 1 variety

  Shipping port: Manila

  Arrival port: Guangzhou Huangpu

  Service content: consignee and consignor filing, label translation design, label filing, import declaration and inspection, customs inspection, sampling inspection, issuance of entry inspection and quarantine certificate

Information provided by the customer before the goods arrive at the port: (The customer imports for the first time, before the goods arrive at the port, our imported food department professionals contact the customer to determine the information, so as not to affect the customs clearance time)

  1. Packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading

  2. Certificate of Origin

  3. Health certificate 4. Date certificate 5. Composition analysis report 6. Foreign language and Chinese label

Banana Chip Customs Code Hs code: 2008999000

What is the import tax rate for banana chips: The Philippines is one of the ten ASEAN countries, providing Form E enjoys zero tariffs, and only needs to pay 13% of the value-added tax

图片 6

Banana peel customs declaration

图片 7

Banana Chip Entry Inspection and Quarantine Certificate


Question extension: Do banana chips need to provide a phytosanitary certificate?

This kind of banana slices are made by deep processing, adding sugar and other additives and then drying process. The deep processed dried fruit does not generally need to provide phytosanitary certificate, only the certificate of origin and hygiene certificate are required.

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