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Second-hand used molds imported from Malaysia to Huangpu customs declaration case

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:206 release time:2020-11-03

Second-hand equipment is one of the strengths of Penghai's import agent products. It can provide one-stop services from pre-shipment inspection and quarantine to customs declaration and inspection, transfer inspection, price review assistance, customs declaration and inspection. The following are the second-hand molds imported by our company in 2018

1. The product information is as follows:

Product name: second-hand old mold (for the production of winding coils)

图片 4

Quantity: 7 pairs

Import time: 2018

Year of manufacture: 2016

Import port: Huangpu

Inspection location: Hong Kong

New degree: 60% new

2. Service items

Malaysia-Hong Kong Ocean Shipping

Hong Kong-Huangpu FCL Shipping

Hong Kong CCIC warehousing and CCIC services

Price review assistance negotiation service

Inspection and cooperation service

Commodity inspection transfer

Agent payment of foreign exchange


Customs declaration

3. What preparations need to be made before importing second-hand molds

The first is data preparation, including whether the packing list, invoice, contract, mold nameplate information is complete, the original price invoice information of the mold, etc. The original invoice price information can be effectively negotiated with the customs. The first is to compare the formal price invoice In addition, the mold needs to specify what product it is used to produce, and the accuracy requirements. The price of the mold is not based on the size and weight. It is mainly based on the accuracy of the model used for production. The higher the accuracy, the higher the price. Another important thing is the pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate. Generally, if the port of departure cannot be processed, it can only be processed through a Hong Kong transit and then imported to the mainland.

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