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Second-hand CNC lathe Hong Kong inspection and import customs agent case sharing

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:272 release time:2020-11-03

The CNC lathes that Penghai has represented for customers are from Japan, Spain, Germany, Austria, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and other countries. The case shared in this article is a second-hand CNC lathe imported by a Guangzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2019. The place of production is the United Kingdom.

1. The product information is as follows:

图片 1_2

Product Name: Second-hand CNC Lathe

Model: CNC-1000


Quantity: 1 set

Import time: 2019

Year of manufacture: 2010

Import port: Huangpu

Inspection area: Hong Kong

2. What documents do I need to import second-hand CNC lathes?

Packing list, invoice, contract

O certificate (that is, automatic import license)

Inspection and quarantine certificate before shipment

Product original price invoice information

图片 3

O card

图片 5

Customs declaration

3. What are the costs incurred during the import of second-hand CNC lathes?

The first is mainly customs duties and value-added tax

The customs code corresponding to the second-hand CNC lathe is: 8458110090

Tariff: 9%, value-added tax 13%

If it passes the Hong Kong inspection, there will be transportation, warehousing, inspection and other costs in Hong Kong

Customs clearance fees

Specifically, it needs to be based on the size and weight of the second-hand CNC lathe



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