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How to classify imported printing inks, inks and other ink products

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1. Regardless of whether it is solid or concentrated, ink is first classified into 3215 category

2. The second thing that needs to be confirmed is whether the product needs printing ink. If it is printing ink, it should be classified as 32151; if it is not printing ink, such as writing ink or drawing ink, these should be classified as 32159.

   The concept and classification of printing ink and writing or drawing ink

Printing ink or pigment: It is a kind of paste with different consistency. The raw material is pigment, black pigment with fine particles and colored pigment. The pigment needs to be mixed with another vehicle to make printing ink. The carrier can be used Natural resins or synthetic polymers generally have a small amount of additives added to improve the performance of the product to meet the requirements of use.

 Black printing inks generally use carbon black, while color inks use inorganic or organic pigments. The customs codes for black printing inks and color printing inks are different. The former is classified as 32151100 and the latter is classified as 32151900.

 In addition, the product code is subdivided according to whether the product is used in the engineering form of the solid ink that is loaded into the equipment listed in tax numbers 844331, 844332, 844339

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The coding of printing ink can be subdivided into the following altogether:

    3215110010: Black printing ink, solid ink in the engineering form used to fill the equipment listed in tax numbers 844331, 844332, 844339

    3215110090: Other black printing inks, whether solid or concentrated

    3215190010: other color printing inks, solid inks in the engineering form used to load the equipment listed in tax numbers 844331, 844332, 844339

    3215190090: Printing inks of other colors, whether solid or concentrated

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Ordinary writing or drawing ink: It is a dispersion or solution of a black or colored substance in water, usually with other products such as gums or preservatives. Including inks based on iron salts and inks based on hematoxylin extract or other organic pigments. Ink is generally used for painting. There is a difference between ink and ink. Ink is composed of carbon black suspended in water or some animal glue.

The subdivision codes under the 32159 category are as follows

32159010: Writing ink, whether solid or concentrated

32159020: Water-based inkjet ink

32159090: Other drawing inks and other inks, whether solid or concentrated

32159090 contains the following products:

Copy ink and offset transcription ink

Ink for ballpoint pens but does not include ballpoint pen refills (9608) consisting of a ballpoint pen tip and an ink tube

Ink for mimeograph, ink pad and ink for printing ribbon, but not ink ribbon or ink pad for typewriter (9612)

Non-fading inks, metallic inks, and concealed inks for marking

The above products are generally in liquid or paste form. If they are diluted or dispersed and can be used as solid or concentrated inks, they are also included in this code. In addition, developers are not included in this code.

For more classification and ink import and export customs clearance issues, please consult our chemical product group~

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