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Vietnam-made NIPPON Nippon Waterborne Latex Paint Huangpu Port Import Clearance and Inspection

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:259 release time:2020-10-26

1. The cargo information is as follows:

Product name: water-based latex paint

Quantity of goods: 1*20GP

Port of Departure: Haiphong Port, Vietnam

Destination port: Huangpu Port

2. Service content:

Import clearing service

First of all, before the goods arrive at the port, our company will act for the consignee to handle the coating record, do the non-hazardous identification report, the safety data sheet MSDS review, the chemical dangerous goods declaration, the customs inspection, and the transfer inspection

3. The documents involved in the import of water-based latex paint this time

Packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading, certificate of origin FE (enjoy zero tariff preference), non-hazardous appraisal report, paint record book, product MSDS in Chinese and English

4. Timeliness of the import process

     01. The customer provides product samples and MSDS before import, and handles the non-hazardous identification report and coating record in advance

     02. Shipping (from Haiphong to Huangpu Port in about 5 days)

     03. Arrival declaration

     04. Pay taxes

     05. Customs inspection

     06, release

     It only takes 1 week from Haiphong Port to delivery to delivery to the customer

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