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Import of acrylic resin paint from Taiwan, import of dangerous goods at Huangpu Port

Article editor: Penghai International Reading volume:238 release time:2020-10-26

This time our company acts as an agent for customers to import acrylic resin coatings from Taiwan to Dongguan. The following is the imported goods information

Product name: Acrylic resin paint

Quantity of goods: 1*20GP

Port of departure: Taichung Port

Destination port: Huangpu Port


Service Content:

Door to door DDU import service

Handling paint filing, making hazardous characteristics classification and identification report, safety data sheet MSDS audit, hazardous label design

Dangerous goods declaration, application for dangerous goods terminal storage, commercial inspection

Customers only need to provide samples and related documents, our company has full authority to serve customers, and save customers worry and time

What information should be provided for the import of acrylic resin coatings:

1. Packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading

2. The original copy of the coating record book and the original copy of the dangerous goods grade appraisal report


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