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Xiamen Port is the port of Xiamen City and Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China. It is located on the southeast coast of China, on the west bank of the Taiwan Strait, in the south of Fujian Province and the estuary of the Jiulong River. One of the province's main outlets to the sea. [1-2] During the Song Dynasty, Xiamen Port became a peripheral auxiliary port of Quanzhou Port. In the 22nd year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1842), the "Sino-British Nanjing Treaty" was signed, and Xiamen was designated as one of the five trading ports. In 1984, 2 50,000-ton berths and 2 10,000-ton berths of the first phase of the Dongdu Port Area of ​​Xiamen Port were officially put into operation. In 2006 and 2010, the port system in Xiamen Bay was integrated and integrated, and the seven port areas of Zhangzhou Port, including Zhaoyin and Houshi, were merged into Xiamen Port successively. [3] As of 2018, Xiamen Port has 9 port areas in Xiamen City, Dongdu, Haicang, Xiang'an, and Zhangzhou Zhaoyin, Houshi, Shima, Gulei, Dongshan, and Zhao'an. A total of 146 container liner routes have been opened. Among them, there are 92 international routes, 12 internal branch lines, and 42 domestic trade lines. [1] In 2019, Xiamen Port completed a cargo throughput of 213 million tons, of which container throughput was 11.1222 million TEUs and passenger throughput was 8,620,100.

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Location context

Xiamen Port [**]ffairs Building

Xiamen Port is located on the southeast coast of China, south of Fujian Province, at the mouth of the Jiulong River, at 118°04' east longitude and 24°27' north latitude; between Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, 200 nautical miles from Fuzhou Port to the northeast and Guangzhou to the south 389 nautical miles, 222 nautical miles east of Keelung Port in Taiwan Province. The port faces southeast and is connected by the Lantau Waterway and the Taiwan Strait. There are islands such as Kinmen, Dadan and Wuyu as barriers outside the port. There are many hills around the port and the conditions for sheltering are good. [**]ll kinds of ships are not restricted by tides in and out of the port. One of the foreign trade ports is also the main gateway for overseas Chinese to enter and exit the inland.

The shoreline bus of Xiamen Port is 154 kilometers, and the coastline suitable for port construction is 31.6 kilometers; the existing anchorage ground is 18.99 square kilometers each, and the planned anchorage area is 52 square kilometers. The total length of the approaching channel is about 40.3 kilometers, and the water depth is -14 meters. 100,000-ton ships can leave the port by tide.

Main business

[**]s of [**]pril 2020, Xiamen Port is mainly engaged in the transportation of containers, bulk cargo and general cargo, as well as international cruises and passenger roaming to Taiwan. It also engages in port industry development, bonded, modern logistics and shipping services. [1] 

Flight route

Haicang Port [**]rea of Xiamen Port (3 photos)

[**]s of the end of 2019, Xiamen Port has opened 152 container liner routes, including 101 international routes, 12 internal branch lines, and 39 domestic trade lines. [1]

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